Iced SPORTea® by the Box or Case - Seven Quart Size Tea Bags Per Box

$ 148.90

Product Description

Each box contains 7 one quart size tea bags. each tea bag makes one quart using the Artic Iced cold brew system.  Perfect size for a sports bottle or a small pitcher in the fridge.  

Save 17% by buying a case (12 Boxes).  
It is the same price as buying 10 and getting 2 FREE.

Customers like brewing it in a Nalgene style bottle and taking SPORTea® with them wherever they end up throughout the day.

"We have tried many different types of energy beverages and products that typically contain caffeine and guarana which have a tendency to over-stimulate and/or not last very long. We were in the process of renovating an establishment and everyone was completely worn out and fatigued from the long hours and physical labor.  I was offered some and ended up drinking a couple of glasses of Cold SPORTea® that evening. This stuff works!! The cost is very reasonable and the results speak for themselves." - Todd Turner (Midland, TX)