About Us

Ultimate Performance Products, Inc. 

The Makers of SPORTea®!

We are a Colorado-based company that offers products that promote health and wellness. We currently offer our signature product, SPORTea®!

SPORTea® is a delicious, high-performance nutritional drink for adults and children alike formulated for active people desiring a nutritious alternative to coffee, soda, alcohol, and sugary "athletic" drinks.

When SPORTea® was first created by a well-known Colorado herbist, he developed this unique beverage with four goals in mind:

  1. It needed to provide people with not only a good taste, but also a bit of a lift, a feeling of sustained energy, whenever they need one. It would not have that typical energy burst/bust feeling.
  2. It needed to offer a real honest-to-goodness healthy alternative to all the sugary, caffeine-loaded, artificially sweetened, and carbonated beverage choices in the marketplace.
  3. It needed to provide key everyday health and nutritional benefits as well.
  4. It needed to fit their active, busy lifestyles by being easy to make and consume.

What makes SPORTea® so unique is also as much about what it doesn't contain as it is about what it does contain. The formulators wanted people to have a beverage that was good for a person to drink all day long, and therefore, it was important to them that SPORTea® have no negative attributes.


SPORTea® does NOT give you:

  • The "surge-sink” letdown syndrome so often associated with drinking regular caffeinated and sugary beverages.
  • The extra calories associated with juices, soda, or sugary sports drinks.
  • The potentially negative aspects of consuming diet drinks with artificial sweeteners.
  • The dry unsavory aftertaste associated with beverages that really do not quench your thirst.

SPORTea® has a clean and refreshing flavor with no aftertaste and truly does quench your thirst.

  • SPORTea® is a decaf equivalent and has NO sugar! It energizes via overall body performance efficiency improvement, and not a riveting injection into the central nervous system.
  • SPORTea® has ZERO calories!
  • SPORTea® contains nothing artificial and is 100% natural!