How To Prepare SPORTea®

Learn How to Prepare Our All-Natural Energy Teas!

ICED Tea Preparation Instructions:

• ARCTIC ICED™ Cold Steep Method – Place one SPORTea® BIG BAG (from our 7-count iced tea retail box) into one quart of water. Close your steeping container and refrigerate for at least four hours (or overnight is great)!*

*Because this product contains elements with natural preserving qualities (such as vitamin C), SPORTea® prepared using the ARCTIC ICED™ method will last for several days in the refrigerator and taste as wonderfully full-bodied and robust as when you first made it. 

  • Coffee Brewer Method – Place one big bag (from our 7-count iced tea retail box) into the brew basket and run one quart of water through the bag. Cool to room temperature and serve over ice. If you refrigerate after brewing hot, the tea may cloud. The taste will be the same.

HOT Tea Preparation Instructions:

• Place one 2g tea bag into a 6-ounce cup of hot water and let steep 3 to 5 minutes. The longer the tea steeps, the stronger it will taste.

Special Notes: 
* Since SPORTea® only gets better, not bitter™, you can leave your bags in the water (hot or cold) as long as you like!
* Iced SPORTea® may settle some due to the patented natural citrus extracts in each tea bag. Be sure to stir before serving for peak flavor!

* Try SPORTea® without condiments (lemon/sugar). It is naturally sweet and already has a great citrus flavor!