Who Should Drink SPORTea®

Who Should Drink SPORTea®?

Ready to learn more about our sugar-free iced tea and hot tea? See who our everyday drinkers are, from pro athletes to business people to busy parents to soldiers.

Who Should Drink SPORTea®?

Business People

SPORTea® fights stress, is energizing, promotes mental alertness, and has “0” calories so you can drink it all day long. Read what our business customers have to say...

All Health Conscious People

It is packed full of good stuff...a daily dose of Vitamin C, plus potassium, and lots of nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Young People/Students

A great nutritious alternative to all those salty, sugar "athletic" beverages, soda pops, diet sodas, and even the juice drinks that have lots of sugar and calories too. SPORTea® tastes great and delivers lots of good stuff for the mind and body. Serious students will love a good alternative mental alertness beverage without the stomach upset or "caffeine let down" they might experience with coffee beverages during those heavy crunch-time, late night sessions!

Serious or Professional Athletes

As an adaptogen it supports greater training loads, it builds endurance and fights the system stress of heavy workout sessions, aids in recovery and quenches thirst. Many top athletes have used and are continuing to use SPORTea® to train... read what they have to say!

Everyday Athletes

Replenishes, revitalizes, and quenches thirst without loading you up on salt and sugars like the well-known sport drinks do.

Stay-at-Home Parents

Easy to make and no negative attributes. You and your loved ones of all ages can drink a "good-for-you" beverage all day long. Read what parents have to say about SPORTea®...


SPORTea® tastes great and definitely helps satisfy those hunger urges. SPORTea® is slightly CitrusSweet™ to the pallet yet has no artificial sweeteners and "0" calories. Truly special, like no other beverage and a great alternative to any "diet" beverage.

Bikers, Climbers, Hikers, & Walkers

SPORTea® has been the beverage of choice for many American Expeditions on the trek up Mt. Everest because it is both energizing and sustaining. Plus, it is settling to your stomach at high altitudes.

Grandma & Grandpa, Too

A nice energy boost that is easy on the system and fights stress too.. Yum! Read more...

Yoga, Meditation, & Aerobics

A great tonic before, during, and after session that stretch or mind and body.

Coffee Shop Patrons

A wonderful and energizing "alternative" to the heavy caffeine and/or sugar products that can subject one to the "surge/sink" syndrome and may upset the stomach. Read more about why SPORTea® is a great alternative to coffee...

Restaurant Customers

A clean refreshing beverage with a meal that does not cloud the palate or mask out the subtleties of good food flavors. Read more...

Workout Enthusiasts & Serious Runners

Siberian ginseng "eleuthero" is an adaptogen that revitalizes and replenishes your body, balances your system, and helps relieve the system stress associated with taking on greater training loads in an effort to achieve peak performance.

Men & Women in the Military

SPORTea® is especially useful for those in the military. The ingredients in SPORTea® enhance your mental alertness and help maintain hydration and energy even in the most intense conditions. Read comments from some of our customers in the military...