SPORTea® Accessories

Enjoy Our Performance Drinks and More!

If there’s one thing we know about enjoying a cup or glass of tea, it’s that you want to do it in the best possible way. Our performance drinks can be served cold in our signature SPORTea Nalgene bottle, or hot in our SPORTea 25th Anniversary mug. And if you like a nice bite to eat with your tea, get Nutty Berry Oaty in original or gluten-free!

Here are some of our favorite things about SPORTea accessories.

Performance Drinks

Leave the sugary sport drinks at home. SPORTea is a true performance drink, and is not only sugar-free, but doesn’t have caffeine. You’ll get electrolytes to keep your energy going and your muscles firing. As the best tea for energy, SPORTea has carefully researched the best teas, vitamins, and minerals for our formula. We want you to function at your peak and not have to worry about crashing when you need energy most. When you use our signature Nalgene bottle, you have the fluids you need anywhere you go!

Drink the Best Tea for Energy Hot

Some people love to enjoy a hot beverage first thing in the morning. Instead of reaching for coffee, which has caffeine and can cause you to crash later on (or worse, keep you up all night!), fill your mug with Hot SPORTea. The delicious aromas of SPORTea will perk you up, and the naturally energizing ingredients will keep you going for hours and hours. Get your SPORTea mug now!

Snacks Under 100 Calories

Whether you’re an executive, busy parent on the go, or a marathon runner, Nutty Berry Oaty is a fantastic way to get the energy you need in a snack that’s under 100 calories per serving. Nutty Berry Oaty is a mix that you bake fresh at home when you want a fresh snack. No preservatives or other chemicals to worry about! Get Nutty Berry Oaty in our original or gluten-free formats.

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