SPORTea® Testimonials and Reviews

"SPORTea® is honestly probably the single best drink that I have found to give someone a lot of high quality energy. I have tried a lot of different energy drinks and been disappointed. Most of them leave you feeling unhealthy and eventually with an energy crash. I used to wait tables at a restaurant working 12 hour shifts straight through with no break. Anyone who has worked in restaurants knows how hectic it can be. SPORTea® is the thing that got me through my day without any problem whenever I needed a push. After drinking it, I have all the motivation and energy in the world that I could need to get anything done." - Corry Countryman (Virginia Beach)

"I really love the way I feel, mentally and physically, when I drink it. I feel replenished, alert, - somehow energetic and grounded and calm at the same time. I never feel dehydrated. The taste is so refreshing and so subtle."- Amy Lieberman (Boston, MA)

"I like SPORTea® very much. The best part about the tea is the ease to make the tea, and the fact that it is decaffeinated, and light. You do not need to add sugar... all our friends love SPORTea®." - Wade (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

"We have tried many different types of energy beverages and products that typically contain caffeine and guarana which have a tendency to over stimulate and/or not last very long. We were in the process of renovating an establishment and everyone was completely worn out and fatigued from the long hours and physical labor.  I was offered some and ended up drinking a couple of glasses of Cold SPORTea® that evening. This stuff works!! The cost is very reasonable and the results speak for themselves." - Todd Turner (Midland, TX)

"My friend from Ft. Lauderdale introduced me to SPORTea® while on a visit to her home last year. The minute I tasted it... I knew I was hooked.   I LOVE the flavor.  I play a ton of tennis all year long..and find that SPORTea® is the only thing I crave while playing. I also make sure I pack it for my ski trips every year out west....but I also just drink it around the house too. I am not exagerating... I love your product, it is a one-of-a-kind, sustaining, energizing beverage." - Rose Northon (Des Plaines, IL)

"I enjoyed the flavor and energy I got from drinking it. My husband and I were (and still are) very active. We felt SPORTea® gave us a healthy alternative to water every so often. I was so glad to be able to order the product online. We continue to enjoy the many benefits of SPORTea® and now our girls enjoy it also." - Alison Estes (Cary, NC)

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"I looked high and low for a source of electrolytes that didn't also contain loads of processed sugars. SPORTea® was being served at a restaurant next to my college campus- "electrolytes, vitamin C, natural caffeine..." everything I'd been looking for!Nothing rehydrates me as quickly as SPORTea®. It's a godsend!" - Lemuel Clarence Cabrerra II (Oceanside, CA)

"This is the GREATEST stuff in the world. I am a serious runner and exercise enthusiast. I have been drinking SPORTea® for a long time and have never found anything like it. THANK YOU" -Darren (Northglenn, CO)

"I first heard of SPORTea® when my doctor suggested I drink it because I had Ecoli poisoning back in 1994...I swear it helped make me well. I drank a couple quarts a day because I could not eat and I was very very ill. I have been drinking it ever since!" - Anonymous, Washington State

"I started drinking SPORTea® in 1994 while my son was attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. They serve it in restaurants there andI thought it was delicious and loved the energy it gave me with no tension. I was teaching first grade then, so for the next 15 years, while working I drank a quart a day. I had plenty of energy for my busy job and also for all the outside interests and physical workouts in which I was involved. Now, I'm retired and continue to drink a quart of SPORTea® every day so that this stage of life will be as energy filled as the last." -Judy Maciariello (California)

"I recently had weight loss surgery and have been striving to get healthy. Once a person has weight loss surgery, there are many nutritional rules they must follow: reduce caffeine, drink plenty of fluids, cut out sugar, avoid chemicals including saccharin and aspartame, increase the nutritional values of any food consumed. At the same time, the surgery patient will encounter nausea and other problems with eating and drinking.SPORTea® has become an essential part of my weight loss surgery program. The electrolytes in SPORTea® help keep me hydrated (and so does the fact that it tastes good, so I drink more of it). I don't have to worry about excessive caffeine, or that I'm drinking chemicals that may harm me. And the extra bonus… the ginger in it helps settle an upset stomach. So far I've lost well over 30 lbs, and my surgery was only a month ago.SPORTea® has become my favorite drink, and I have shared this with my support group so that others may experience its benefits. Thank you for such a high-quality, great tasting beverage." - Audra Staufenberg (Colorado)

"I started drinking SPORTea® 18 years ago when I was racing in triathlons in St. Croix, USVI. I opened Moss Mountain Inn, an organic bed and breakfast on the western edge of Glacier Park, Montana and started serving SPORTea® with our breakfast. Our guests are mostly healthy, fit people who come to Glacier to hike, and they immediately recognize the rehydrating effects and love the taste. " - Debra Moss (Glacier, MT) 

"I have been drinking SPORTea® for over 20 years. It has so many win-win ingredients. No matter what I face over the course of the years the hard times and the good SPORTea® has been part of them." - Diana Jewell (Charlotte, MI)

"We love your tea. My family and I are very active and participate in a variety of activities including cross country and track. I coach track and started our local running club. We are always praising the benefits of SPORTea® to our friends, fellow runners and kids. I discourage them from drinking high sugar "sport drinks" and have converted many to the taste and benefits of SPORTea®. My daughter recently qualified for the state meet in track and always have an iced cold SPORTea® in her water bottle. Thank you for giving us a healthy choice. I'm especially grateful that my kids have embraced it over the high sugar alternatives that often include HFCS. Sincerely, Ron Lambke." - Ron Lambke (Prosper, TX)

"I first drank SPORTea® at the Rio Grill in Carmel, CA. I was on vacation with my sisters. We liked the taste of it so much I asked what is was. I initially started buying it because of the taste. Now I drink the iced SPORTea® every day. I makes me feel happy without the jitters from decaffeinated coffee. It keeps me hydrated and reduces my chronic pain from a back injury. It gives me the potassium that I need. There is no other tea or drink on the market that works the way SPORTea® does. Thank you so much for this product." - Laura Marello ( Lynchburg, VA)

"I am a tennis pro and I use SPORTea® to help sustain me through long days on the tennis court. In my profession, it is essential to exude energy, and enthusiasm during each lesson that I give. SPORTea® not only helps maintain my energy level, but also hydrates and refreshes me. I have tried the sugary energy drinks, but they only give me energy for limited amounts of time. SPORTea® never gives me sugar highs or lows and is the perfect beverage to keep me going. Thank you SPORTea®!" -Chris Atzet: Tennis Teaching Professional (La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, San Diego, CA)

"We have used SPORTea® for over 15 years. My husband runs a lawn service and in the heat of the summer would normally sweat out his minerals. With SPORTea®, he stays hydrated and completely energized. Our boys grew up on SPORTea® as opposed to sodas. It is a staple in our home and the first thing we go for in the event of a cold, the blahs or illness. It really helps me when I'm stressed out too!" - Kathy Ostrander (Farmington, MI)

"I don't know what i would do with my SPORTea®! I drink in continually throughout the day, and I have done so for years. It is the one, perfect indulgence that has no down side... it keeps me hydrated, satisfied, so easy to make, tastes great while it provides only healthy ingredients. I can't think of another food or drink that has these attributes. Please don't ever stop making this product!" - Karen (California)

"In 1997, I worked for a boss who expected me to be at work, no matter what. One day, I had viral bronchitis and could not have felt worse. The man who owned the coffee shop next door appeared at my desk with a mug of SPORTea®. He kept coming back all day to replenish mySPORTea®, while I tried to do my best to help clients. I continued to feel better as the day progressed. I was amazed. He merely smiled. I never needed antibiotics... yes! Needless to say, I was a devotee from that day on! I cannot tell you the number of times I have been able to pay that favor forward." - Christina Loy, Florida

"SPORTea® is an amazing alternative to the sugared sports drinks! This is my absolute favorite workout drink. My family uses it as an electrolyte replacement, an alternative to fruit drinks and we have found it works great on an upset tummy. As I have investigated it, ordered it and recommended it over the years I have found it to be our healthiest alternative to replacing lost nutrients and preventing dehydration in the AZ summers! We love it. Amazing taste that the kids will drink, no aftertaste, and just plain good for you. Thanks and best of luck with continuing to get your name out there." - Carrie (Arizona)

"This tea has literally been an answer to my prayers. I had Completely given up everything I once loved including all animal products, caffiene, sugar, alcohol. I felt a bit deprived until I found SPORTea® at a small drive through coffee hut. WOW! Caffeine free, no artificial sweetener, no sugar,PLUS electrolytes, ginseng, and a tangy, deep, flavorful taste I was immediately hooked on so hard core that I ordered 8 boxes off the internet. I have been drinking a half gallon a day, my energy has improved, I feel fabulous, and I have already lost 2 pounds in a couple weeks. It just controls my appetite reducing sugar/food cravings in a big way. It's been a treat I can indulge in. My husband loves it too! I adore it so much I want to have it surrounding me. Am looking to have it in our store, and possibly served in our restaurant. I want to share this gift with others! Thank you so much for this wonderful drink! " - L. Macasaet

"Going to bed late and having to get up with just 5 hours sleep is a SPORTea® kind of day "
- Ms. Garland

We want to hear how SPORTea® has helped you live a more healthful and active life! Click here to submit your story!