Restaurant Customers and SPORTea®

See Why Restaurants Serve Our Wellness Teas!

SPORTea’s hot and iced teas are being served more and more in restaurants, coffee shops, and office breakrooms everywhere. They not only taste delicious, but they are naturally energizing, helping to avoid the energy crashes typically associated with caffeinated beverages. Our wellness teas are formulated with ingredients that boost energy and immunity, and they’re a favorite among the food service industry for so many reasons.

See how some of our clients use SPORTea in the testimonials below!

"The drive towards healthier lifestyles is not just a passing fancy. Foodservice owners must be on the lookout for unique beverages like SPORTea® that will better meet the desires of their customers and help foodservice operators to make a differentiating mark for themselves in the very crowded restaurant options arena.  -Restaurant News of the Rockies Denver, Colorado

"SPORTea® is particularly refreshing, all natural, and has a wonderful slightly CitrusSweet flavor note. It's a delightful fresh brewed, easy to make, pick-me-up and no one here who tried it felt the need to add sugar or lemon! Truly great!"  - America's Food Authority, Cook's Magazine