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How to Wean Yourself off Caffeine

Caffeine, while a great short-term burst of energy, can wreak havoc on your body and do more harm than good. Many Americans have become so dependent upon caffeinated drinks that giving it up seems impossible. That said, when they do break the caffeine habit, they will most likely feel more energetic than before, lose weight, and feel calmer overall. If you’re ready to break the habit, we at SPORTea have put together some tips for you. SPORTea is an all-natural energy drink, and the best tea for energy. We bring you hot and iced teas that are free of caffeine and sugar, and that have a host of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional benefits to keep you fueled throughout the...

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Common Ingredients That Zap Energy

 You see it everywhere: claims that a food or a drink will give you instant energy for hours. But when you flip the package around to look at the ingredients (and you absolutely should do that!), you see a mess of things that you’re really not sure what they do. All said and done, the packaging says it’s going to give you energy, and you go ahead and give it a shot. Two hours later, you’re struggling to stay awake and reach for another. The madness has got to stop. Instead of caffeinated and sugar-laden products, try SPORTea. We offer the best caffeine-free energy drinks in our sugar-free iced and hot teas, and our naturally energizing ingredients won’t make you...

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