What is Nutty Berry Oaty™?

Our Nutty Berry Oaty™ Bake-At-Home Snack Bites Mix comes packaged with all natural ingredients lovingly combined by hand in Denver, Colorado.  Make snack time  a bonding time with your family.  Just stir eggs, vanilla and butter with the contents of our pack and you end up with 40+ delicious snack bites. With only 24 calories each, Nutty Berry Oaty Snack Bites are a treat you can feel good about!  


  • Wheat Flour or (Rice Flour for Gluten Free)
  • Baking Soda
  • Salt
  • Packed Brown Sugar
  • White Sugar
  • A Spoonful of SPORTea®
  • Cranberries For Antioxidants
  • Pecans For Protein
  • Oats For Fiber