Serious Athletes and What They Say About SPORTea®

The Best Athletic Drinks!

The best athletic drinks aren’t brightly colored, packed with sugar and caffeine, and dehydrating. They’re naturally energizing, have only natural ingredients, and keep your energy sustained throughout the day. Don’t worry about crashing or losing your edge. Drink SPORTea and keep your energy sustained, your immunity boosted, and your performance where you want it to be.

Ready the testimonials below to learn more about why serious athletes see SPORTea as the best athletic drink out there!

"As an athlete, I am always looking for an edge. Too often that "edge" is destructive to one's career and also to one's health. I have always abstained from such products and for many years searched for healthy and safe alternatives. I felt my quest would be in vain until I found SPORTea®. Once I started drinking SPORTea® regularly, I became less fatigued, was less prone to dehydration, cramped up less, and my focus in games improved. I recommended SPORTea® to my teammates and many of them noticed improvements in their performances as well. Thank you for such a great product."  - Eric C. Rossman, Voorhess, NJ Professional Soccer player

“I rowed at Rutgers University. I coached rowers at the Florida Institute of Technology. I am now paddling a flat water K-1 (Kayak) with the goal of making the National Team. I am writing because I regularly use SPORTea® for my intense training sessions and races. No product has ever given me such a perceived and measurable boost in performance. I feel more focused and energetic and I consistently perform better now while I’m working out on the Concept II Rowing Ergometer. This is a fabulous product. Keep it coming.” 
- Kip Koelsch, Sarasota, Florida Competitive Athlete

"SPORTea® is really neat. Our athletes use SPORTea® every day as a training beverage... It provides a boost of energy; truly quenches the thirst; is nutritious and perhaps most importantly, it is sustaining.a real endurance builder."  - Richard Quick, Stanford Swimming Coach '92 & '96 Olympic Swimming Coach

"SPORTea® never failed to give me the lift I needed under the conditions we were exposed to on Everest."  - Dave Saas, Salt Lake City, Utah Mt. Everest Expedition Leader

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