Senior Citizens and SPORTea®

High-Energy Drinks for Seniors

Energy naturally goes down as we age, so it’s even more important to feed the body with healthier foods and drinks. Caffeinated drinks like coffee, as well as sodas and other health drinks, will likely cause a crash in energy. With SPORTea, you’re getting a high-energy drink made from natural ingredients that will replenish your energy throughout the day. Not only that, but it has ingredients such as vitamin C that can boost your immunity as well!

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"I'm retired, but still active in community affairs and your SPORTea® always keeps me going. Whenever I'm feeling a little bit under the weather or I just need a bit of a pick-me-up I reach for some of my SPORTea®. The refreshed feeling I get is absolutely delightful and sometimes I even get two cups per bag. Plus, all my friends love it too."  - Muriel Buscher, Mankato Minnesota - Grandmother and Active Senior Citizen

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