Journey Across Mongolia: Fueled by SPORTea®

Join us in the remarkable tale of Brian Hunter, who embarked on an awe-inspiring 1,500-mile run across Mongolia, with SPORTea® as his vital source of energy and hydration.

From the ice climbs of Colorado to the challenging terrains of Mongolia, SPORTea® was there every step of the way. Brian's preference for SPORTea® stemmed from its low caffeine content, ensuring he stayed energized without the jitteriness.

His monumental journey wasn't just about setting a world record; it was a mission to raise awareness for orphaned children in Mongolia's capital. This story is a testament to human endurance and the power of SPORTea® in supporting such extraordinary endeavors.

Dive into this captivating journey and see how SPORTea® can be part of your extraordinary adventures.

Watch His Powerful Story: