Everyday Athletes and SPORTea®

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You might not be anywhere near a pro-status athlete, but if you’re playing tennis, running a few miles, spending time on an elliptical, or even chasing toddlers, you need all the energy you can get. Forget the mid-morning or mid-afternoon crash you get from most energy drinks. SPORTea is just what everyday athletes need to build energy naturally, sustain it throughout the day, and keep that competitive edge.

See what some of our customers have to say about their experiences with SPORTea!

"My friend from Ft. Lauderdale introduced me to SPORTea® while on a visit to her home last year. The minute I tasted it..I knew I was hooked.   I LOVE the flavor.  I play a ton of tennis all year long..and find that SPORTea® is the only thing I crave while playing. Great flavor aside...it keeps my energy level high too.  I also make sure I pack it for my ski trips every year out West....but I also just drink it around the house too. I am not exaggerating...I am addicted to your product.  And by the way...people ask me all the time (usually during tennis matches) what I'm drinking (and I gladly tell them).  I guess they notice the lemon-color...or maybe it's because I freeze a little in my water-bottle..then fill it to the top when I'm walking out the door...so there's an ice-ball of yellow floating around in the container (to keep it cold during a match).. I've actually had more than one person ask me if I had a tennis ball in my water bottle!! LONG LIVE SPORTea®!"  - Rose Northon (Des Plaines, IL)

"For those who enjoy athletics, Fredrick C. Hatfield, PhD., speaks of his experience with Siberian Ginseng (EC) after taking it …in the tea form (SPORTea®): “I find the substance to be remarkable in its effects on my training stamina. The stuff works. Nuff said! Try it!”  -Muscle and Fitness Magazine