Coffee vs SPORTea®

See the Differences Between Coffee and Our Energy Tea!

  1. Heart:Tea relaxes arteries and lowers blood pressure. Decaf coffee has been associated with high cholesterol.
  2. Brain:Tea may prevent Alzheimer's disease.
  3. GI/Urinary: Tea may prevent kidney stones
  4. Bones: Tea may help keep bones strong. Coffee has been linked to osteoporosis.
  5. Weight Control: Caffeine from either tea or coffee suppresses appetite, but tea may spur fat metabolism 
  6. Teeth: Tea's main antioxidant may prevent cavities.


Many of our customers have switched from coffee to SPORTea®. Read what they have to say.... 

"During the winter times I have been known to drink coffee occasionally for energy but have completely stopped since trying the Hot SPORTea®.  I noticed that the Hot SPORTea® tastes great and gives me an added boost of energy without the dreaded lull I get later after drinking coffee.  I also realized that I get more energy from one glass of SPORTea®  than two cups of Coffee without getting that jittery feeling sometimes associated with too much caffeine." -Todd Turner (Midland, TX)