Business People and Why They Drink SPORTea®

A Powerful Daily Energy Drink


When you’re grinding day in and day out, you need all the energy you can get. Not only that, you need natural energy that’s sustained throughout the day and doesn’t make you crash. Get all that and more when you drink SPORTea. People in the business world drink our daily energy drink in iced and hot formulas to give them an natural energy boost that doesn’t come from caffeine, sugar, sodium, and other harmful ingredients.

Read some of the testimonials below!

“SPORTea® is making a big splash among coffee and tea lovers, fitness fanatics, and business people who push for high levels of performance and productivity in their work. This is the beverage for people who are looking for an edge… it has been to the top of Mt. Everest.”  -The Denver Business Journal

"Wow! SPORTea® is great. Finally, there is a beverage that meets the most demanding requirements of business people who must consistently maintain their peak performance levels. SPORTea® is an ideal daily drink for today's decision makers who need the mental clarity and energizing lift this unique drink provides."  - Fortune 500 Company (Did not want name to be published)

“Thank you for creating a great fresh tea product that is so easy to make. Just dropping the quart size bag into a pitcher with water and leaving it in the refrigerator overnight makes it so easy to have a really great tasting, good-for-me beverage to drink every day while I work on my computer at the office. I feel so much better than I did when I was drinking all the coffee and sodas.”  - Mary Rincan, Peoria, IL Office Manager

"Finally something I can take with me in the car everyday to drink when I'm thirsty or when I just need a bit of a lift for my next sales call. It's cold, it's refreshing, and it's easy to carry in my thermos. I just wanted you to know it is making a big difference in my energy level, in my attitude, and in my results."  - Tom Francis, Lexington, Kentucky IBM Marketing Rep.

"I was introduced to SPORTea® at Boss Lady is an avid tea drinker and had some at the office in the break-room. I tried it one afternoon when I was REALLY needing a "pick-me-up".and it really did the trick. I have tried MANY of the so-called energy drinks on the market today, and have been quite disappointed with ALL of them. I especially enjoyed the flavor of your product, and can't wait to try it ICED. I just know it is going to be FANTASTIC. Can't wait!!!! " - J. Andrews

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