Customer Reviews

" I really love the way I feel, mentally and physically, when I drink it. I feel replenished, alert, - somehow energetic and grounded and calm at the same time. I never feel dehydrated. The taste is so refreshing and so subtle. I sip it throughout the days in the summer. I tend not to drink it in the winter, but I really have no idea why...I ought to try it! Anyone who comes over to my house is forced to experience SPORTea®!"
- Amy Lieberman (Boston, MA)

"I like SPORTea® very much. The best part about the tea is the ease to make the tea, and the fact that it is decaffeinated, and light. You do not need to add sugar. Commercial tea is heavy. SPORTea® is the only tea I drink.  I live in Florida where it can be very hot in the summer, so it's great to pick up an ice cold drink of SPORTea®.  I found out about SPORTea® from my neighbor and when I have guests over I serve SPORTea® and everybody loves the drink."
- Wade (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
"The reason I like SPORTea® so much is that my wife and I are very active and at times we need a little git up and go go go.  We have tried many different types of energy beverages and products that typically contain caffeine and guarana which have a tendency to over stimulate and/or not last very long.  We heard about SPORTea® from my wife's coworker.  We were in the process of renovating an establishment and everyone was completely worn out and fatigued from the long hours and physical labor.  I was offered some and ended up drinking a couple of glasses of Cold SPORTea® that evening.  While I noticed I had a considerable amount of energy I was surprised to find that when I went to bed that night I didn't have problems going to sleep like in the past after drinking a convenience store energy beverage, coffee, or regular tea with caffeine.  I had to know what this stuff was and as soon as I found out the name of the product and how to order it, I got on your website and purchased 4 boxes of Cold SPORTea®.  Since that time I have purchased the Hot and Cold versions and always make sure that we never run out of either product.  I usually keep 2 boxes of hot and 2-3 boxes of Cold with a pitcher ready in the fridge at all times. If you need good clean energy and have never tried SPORTea® don't hesitate! Order today and see the benefits for yourself.  The cost is very reasonable and the results speak for themselves.  DRINK MORE SPORTea®!!... Waaaahoooo!!"
- Todd Turner (Midland, TX)
"My friend from Ft. Lauderdale introduced me to SPORTea® while on a visit to her home last year. The minute I tasted it..I knew I was hooked.   I LOVE the flavor.  I play a ton of tennis all year long..and find that SPORTea® is the only thing I crave while playing. Great flavor aside...it keeps my energy level high too.  I also make sure I pack it for my ski trips every year out West....but I also just drink it around the house too. I am not exaggerating ...I am addicted to your product.  And by the way ...people ask me all the time (usually during tennis matches) what I'm drinking (and I gladly tell them).  I guess they notice the lemon-color...or maybe
it's because I freeze a little in my water-bottle..then fill it to the top when I'm walking out the door...so there's an ice-ball of yellow floating around in the container (to keep it cold during a match).. I've actually had more than one person ask me if I had a tennis ball in my water bottle!! LONG LIVE SPORTea®!"
- Rose Northon (Des Plaines, IL)
"A friend first served SPORTea® to me while I was at her house one day, and I enjoyed the flavor and energy I got from drinking it. My husband and I were (and still are) very active. We felt SPORTea® gave us a healthy alternative to water every so often. We do not drink soda. When we moved from Arizona, your product was no longer available in our area. We went a few years without but I had saved the box that my tea bags came in and went to your website. I was so glad to be able to order the product online. We continue to enjoy the many benefits of SPORTea® and now our girls enjoy it also."
- Alison Estes (Cary, NC)
"I looked high and low for a source of electrolytes that didn't also contain loads of processed sugars. SPORTea® was being served at a Korean restaurant next to my college campus- "electrolytes, vitamin C, natural caffeine. . . " everything I'd been looking for! Nothing rehydrates me as quickly as SPORTea®!  It's a Godsend!"
 - Lemuel Clarence Cabrera II (Oceanside, CA)
This is the GREATEST stuff in the world. I am a serious runner and exercise enthusiast. I have been drinking SPORTea® for a long time and have never found anything like it. THANK YOU,,, Darren (Northglenn, CO)

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